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An Evening of Journeying with Will Whitesmith

First Friday of the Month – Next Session June 3rd // Fee: $25
Intro/Orientation 6:30 – 7:00pm
Journey from 7:00 to 9:00pm

Come and join Will Whitesmith for an evening of adventure and fun, exploring the three worlds of the Shaman’s universe. You will be Will Whitesmithintroduced to the Shamanic Journey, learning how to access your own greater reality as your ancestors did before you, as well as learning how to support yourself and others in this process. The ancient art of the Shamanic Journey opens avenues of consciousness that are always available, yet seldom sought.

Join us at 6:30 for a free introduction to Shamanic Journeying Orientation – for first timers or folks wanting to know more about this ancient practice; or simply join in at 7:00pm as we jump right into journeying.

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Shoulder Sustainability Workshop with Nathalia Gorosh

l.beard8Saturday, June 4th from 11:00am to 1:00pm  

$30 or 2 punches off your class card

Are your shoulders stooped and rounded? Do you experience neck and shoulder stiffness?  Do you have pain while doing chaturanga?

This workshop is what you have been waiting for. Lets liberate your shoulders and relax your neck!

In this workshop you will learn the mechanics and optimal function of the shoulder joint, and how to mobilize this joint without compromising its integrity. Chaturanga tends to be practiced on repeat in many yoga classes and yogis are commonly injuring and wearing out their shoulders, elbows and wrists.

You will learn the anatomical foundations to practice a healthy sustainable chaturanga to create should strength instead of wearing your shoulders down. This workshop will be a wealth of information for maintaining shoulder health and mobility and preventing shoulder injuries. After-all if we do nothing, nothing will change.

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Learn to Meditate with Marty Sands

Girl-Meditating-On-Mountain-Sunset-WallpaperSunday, June 5th from 10:00am to 1:00pm // $45 before June 2nd, $50 after

The Learn to Meditate workshop will focus on seven primary elements of meditation practice:
1. The goal of meditation
2. Preparation
3. Steady posture
4. Breath
5. Mantra
6. Absorption in the Self
7. Emerging from meditation.

The most effective way to understand sacred texts is to study, learn and incorporate the teachings in daily life. Applying the teachings to daily life is essential so our study becomes more than just a dry intellectual exercise. We undertake sadhana, spiritual discipline and practice, to purify the mind, body and heart to become open and receptive to the teachings and the great Self within us. Our study is best supported in small group, seminar style for learning and discussion. In this safe and intimate atmosphere we can share experiences, ask questions and practice together.

Our investigation and discussion of teachings from spiritual masters of many traditions will inspire and guide us through the practice of meditation. Emphasis will be placed on sitting and walking meditation. Chanting will help prepare for meditation and journaling will help us learn from, reflect on and record our experiences. Throughout the workshop we will also be learning how to apply the teachings and meditation practice, extending our experiences into our daily life. Finally, we will be discussing how to establish a daily meditation practice in a busy life.

Marty SandsAbout Marty: I was introduced to Siddha Yoga in 1981 and have taken many retreats at the Siddha Yoga ashrams in South Fallsburg New York, Oakland, California and Ganeshpuri India. I am a member of the Siddha Yoga sangha in Seattle. My training in hatha yoga has been 200 hours of Anusara yoga. I’ve taught the Heart of Recognition philosophy and hatha yoga at the Recovery Cafe, a place of refuge for recovering addicts in Seattle. I’ve also taught meditation, hatha yoga and philosophy with the Siddha Yoga Prison Project at various Correctional facilities in western Washington and with Yoga Behind Bars at Monroe Corrections Center.

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Getting Started with Whole-Food Plant-Based Cooking with Nancy Travis

Tuesdays, June 16th & 23rd from 6:30pm to 8:30pm // $175

Nancy_2In this class we will explore what it takes to get started and inspired to bring whole, plant based foods to your table. Everything from basic pantry staples to kitchen gadgets, techniques, time saving tips and tricks will be discussed; making a whole food-plant based diet not only delicious and nutritious but easy to prepare. I will also demonstrate recipes that use some basic techniques and inspire you to create recipes that you can customize for your families needs.

This is a three-part class; the first two sessions are in the Sukhi kitchen and the last session is a private consultation with Chef Nancy at your house. You will decide how we use that time: anything from meal planning, brainstorming school lunch ideas, allergy support to a mini cooking class. This class is for both novice and experienced cooks who would like to add more plant based options into their diets.

The class is limited to 5 people and is vegetarian with no dairy or eggs. We will be tasting and eating throughout the evening.

Price includes an individual one-hour session with Nancy at a mutually agreed time.

Questions and to register please email This is a small class and we expect it will fill quickly.

Summer Solstice Celebration:
108 Sun Salutations + Island Kirtan 

SuTuesday, June 21st from 6:30pm to 8:00pm // $20 (Punchcards Accepted)

Join us as we welcome Summer, celebrating it’s arrival in every cell of our bodies with a meditative practice of movement with mantra.

Island Kirtan will lead the chanting while we complete our 108 Sun Salutations at our own pace with the powerful practice of mantras.

You are welcome to do some or all of the salutations, meditate, chant along with Island Kirtan or simply watch this transformational experience!

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The Practice of Vedic Chant with Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD

Saturday and Sunday, June 25th and 26th times to be determined
Program Cost: $195.00 includes 2-day program and materials

This weekend workshop is for all those who wish to learn about and experience classical Vedic Chant. The approach to teaching is traditional through oral transmission, repetition, and with the aid of chant texts, transliterations and English translations from the original Sanskrit.

Program Content:mala
Learn the origin and significance of the Veda’s and their relevance today
Learn the basic skills of Vedic chanting
Practice simple mantras and chanting in a group
Learn and practice mantras applied in healing
Chant in combination with simple yoga practices

Vedic chanting is a powerful way to integrate body, voice, mind and emotions
Develop mental focus
Enhance memory
Improve listening skills
Vibrations that are produced while chanting can enhance physical and mental health
Increase breath capacity
Supports meditation by calming the mind
Facilitate deeper connections to your spiritual life

Who can register? No previous experience in Vedic Chant, singing, chanting, or the practice of yoga is required. Persons interested in the healing arts, sound and music therapies, world chant or discovering the power of their voice for personal and spiritual development would benefit.

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Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD is a certified teacher of Vedic Chant by the Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation (KHYF) and a certified teacher in Vedic Healing Chant by the Krishnamacharya Yoga Madarim (KYM). She is on the faculty of the Center for Integral Studies (CIIS) and New York Open Center’s (NYOC) Sound and Music Healing certificate programs. Pat facilitates an international program entitled – The Spiritual Health through Sound & Music Institute. The institute focuses on sound sciences, toning, chant and sacred world music. Pat truly embodies the practice and teachings of Vedic Chant and Nada Yoga and through the years of working with this tradition, has become a true intuitive sound healer.

We are beyond honored to host her offering here at Dayaalu!pat cook

Check out her website here:

“Pat Cook has presented us a modern map of ancient wisdom. Her insights are transformative and help us reach new depths of understanding this mysterious journey of life. My therapy practice has been informed by the work I’ve done with Pat. Inspirational.” – Deborah Seidel, ARNP, – Seattle

“Pat Cook introduces us to the deep mystery and power of spiritual sound from an authentic and powerful place within herself created from years of her own spiritual practice and a rigorous training in Vedic chanting and experiences with spiritual masters in India and throughout the world. To study with her is a great privilege and a gift.”
Patricia Hatfield, MM, LMT, – Santa Rosa

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Yoga for Emotional Healing with Reema Datta

Transform Destructive Thought-Patterns and Emotions through Asana, Meditation and Wisdom Teachings

1 India ReemaTempleFriday, July 15th to Monday, July 17th
Fri: 7pm-9pm, Sat: 9am-7pm, Sun: 10am-7:30pm, Mon: 10am-5pm

30-Hour Training ~ Suitable for All Levels ~ 30 Hours CE applicable
$595 + $75 for lunch & snacks (Save $45 before 6/15)

What can you do when the mind is clouded and you are overcome with emotions such as sadness, anger, anxiety, jealousy, loneliness or attachment?

The purpose of this training is to remove kleshas, a Sanskrit word meaning “thoughts and emotions that disturb the mind.” The English equivalent to klesha is “destructive emotion”. Learn wisdom teachings and sequences of asana, meditation and pranayama rooted in classical Tibetan and Indian Yoga designed to counter the major kleshas, loosen physical knots in the body and create a platform within for vibrant mental and physical health & emotional healing.

Establishing a strong mind-body connection is foremost in creating balance within. As you understand how to nurture your mind and body to overcome destructive emotions, you will have more joy and love to give to others.

In this training, you will learn:padma

• Subtle Body Anatomy: Understanding the five major vayus (inner winds) and how specific thoughts and emotions influence the flow of each individual vayu.

• In-depth wisdom teachings and detailed meditations rooted in Tibetan and Indian Yoga to change thought-patterns.

• Tools to design individualized programs – including meditation, pranayama and asana – according to which klesha you, your students or private clients are facing. You will have tools to heal yourself and offer deep healing to others.

• Contemporary studies on cultivating emotional balance designed by the Dalai Lama and leading Psychologists.

• An ancient method to check your heart daily, keeping the space of the heart as clean and light as possible. This program does not involve the suppression of emotions. Rather, you learn to be with what arises in the moment and have a constructive experience of emotions, rather than destructive.

Reema Datta is an Indian-American Yogini, Mother, Author and Singer. She graduated from Vassar college and The London School of Economics with degrees in International Relations and worked for the United Nations in New York City. Upon completion of fieldwork focusing on women’s empowerment in seven villages in North India, Reema solidified her approach that empowerment must begin in each individual’s mind.

Born into a family of yogis, Reema dove back to her roots and since 2002, has been studying and teaching Yoga and Ayurveda full-time. She is a certified Ayurvedic therapist and holds Yoga teaching certificates in classical Indian and Tibetan Yoga.

Reema has served as a guest lecturer and teacher in wellness centers throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Her students include Sting, Edie Brickell, Paul Simon, Chris Botti and Zainab Salbi. Carrying lineages of Vedanta and Tibetan Buddhism, her classes are a masterful blend of movement, meditation, philosophy and healing.

More information on Reema including her books, albums and blog – where she shares her experiences of motherhood, yoga and daily life – can be found on


“Reema is that rare person who radiates purity of essence and intention and has the ability to inspire those qualities in others just by entering the room. I know because I’ve experienced it.” – Edie Brickell

“Reema is an exceptional yogini. I first practiced with her in 2006 and was moved by her strength and grace. The depth of her gift can be felt in her teachings as well as her music. It is no wonder she carries on a tradition that goes back generations in her family. I recommend Reema to my own family and friends and am sure those who experience yoga with Reema will be touched by her presence and offerings, as have I.” — Sting

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