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Generative Writing Workshop with Julianne Cohen

Saturday, February 6th from 11:00am to 2:00pm // $45

Take a journey into writing.juliannecohen

Ruskin said, “All great art is praise” but what does that mean? Have you ever met a work of art with your cells singing? Do you feel something wants to move through you? It’s said what moves us tends to have “voice” and “vision” but what does that mean and how do we receive it? A written work of art, whatever the form, is a divine exchange. It creates a resonance in the maker and listener. In this workshop, through meditation and sensory experientials, we’ll tap into resonance, finding and deepening voice.

Julianne Cohen (Ortale) is a book editor and short story writer who has worked hand in hand with prize winning authors for 20 years as they’ve shaped their work and moved it into the world to become National Book Award nominees, feature films, LAMBA and Oprah book selections. Her stories have been published internationally and she was recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

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MELT Series with Linda Rigell

Saturdays, February 6th to March 5th
Beginners: 3:00pm to 4:30pm // $135*
Experienced MELTers: 5:00pm to 6:30pm // $75

Beginners at 3:00pm: This 5-part workshop series will teach you the MELT Methods of hands-off bodywork so that you can MELT at ef014ecab41b37506d474bfd7cc9e778home. his is a self-treatment system to help eliminate pain, heal injury, erase the negative effects of aging and keep you active. We will use small balls and a soft foam roller to address the body’s neurofascial system. Learn simple techniques that rehydrate tissues and relieve tension. Enhance the way you care for your body with MELT. *$135 includes a soft ball for the hand and foot treatments, written instructions and access to audio recordings of the moves.) Soft foam rollers will be available for use and sale.

Experienced MELTers at 5:00pm:  Take your MELT practice a step further. Once you have learned the basics, eliminating stress, you will re-pattern your body to access and use your core effectively and efficiently to keep you out of pain and less prone to injury.

Let It Be ~ Finding Stillness in a Sea of Change: 5Rhythms® Immersion Series

Sundays, February 7th, March 6th, and April 10th from 11:00am to 5:00pm
$75 per session or $180 for all three

In this series we will take time to explore the foundation of the 5Rhythms® with curiosity and attention to the deeper and broader teachings of the first 3 Rhythms.wave-at-sunset
When we ground ourselves in the foundation, we organically arrive in LYRICAL and STILLNESS.

The 5Rhythms® (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness) are a dynamic, catalytic, healing and embodied movement practice. When organized 1-to-5, they create a wave. We dance wave after wave, peeling-revealing-healing our way toward exquisite awareness, of self, other and community.

This workshop is perfect for the beginner and the seasoned dancer. All bodies are welcome. The 5Rhythms® are a spiral journey into which we enter precisely as we are in each moment. And then we change.
Kellie Shannon Elliott is an accredited teacher of the 5Rhythms® with certifications in the Waves® and Heartbeat® maps. She has been a devoted student for 18 years, logging over 2,000 hours of practice. She trained extensively with Gabrielle Roth and has been teaching for 5 years.

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My Practice, My Strength: 40 Days of Diving Deep
Exploring the Mysteries, Science and Spiritual Discipline of Yoga

Tuesday, February 9th from 6:30 to 8:30pm – Welcome and Kick Off Practice
40-Days begins Ash Wednesday, February 10th and ends on Spring Equinox, Sunday, March 20th

Join us to expand your knowledge of yoga beyond the mat through weekly discussions and practices of the theory and practice of yoga. Your commitment is to Practice EVERY day, our commitment is to teach you how and support the journey. One way to practice is to roll out your mat, but you will learn that there are many ways to practice yoga.

“Practice and all is coming.” – Sri Pattabhi Jois

Each week we will offer guidance on the branches of yoga and focus on different categories of asana to deepen and inspire your practice.

You are welcome to join us for one or all of these optional offerings. Making time for your practice is the priority – these workshops are simply here to further develop your practice when you need it.

deep dive

Here is what we have in store:

Week 1 Hatha & Forward Folds
Tuesday, 2/9 6:30-8:30pm – Kick Off Workshop with Shannon Dorsey

Week 2 Raja & Twists
Saturday, 2/13 9:00-10:30am – Sound Flow Practice followed by discussion 10:45-12:00

Week 3 Tantra & Hip Openers
Saturday, 2/27 11:00-1:00pm – Workshop with Shannon Dorsey

Week 4 Karma & Balance
Saturday, 3/5 – Service Project and Discussion

Week 5 Jnana & Inversionsshannon
Sunday, 3/13 3:00-5:00pm – Inversion Workshop with Nathalia Gorosh

Week 6 Bhakti & Backbends
Sunday, 3/20 5:30-7:00pm – We end our 40-day practice with 108 Sun Salutations + Island Kirtan
7:00-8:30pm – Celebration

40-Day Price $108 for 5 workshops, community conversations, a weekly email loaded with information and support for your practice, last but not least PARTY to celebrate!

*Sold separately workshops are $30/each.

*For an additional $144 you can purchase an unlimited yoga pass during our 40 days of practice.  This is a mere $3.60 a day and is the same as our ongoing $108/month for an ongoing unlimited contract.

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Body, Mind and Story: Building the Narratives
That Can Make a Difference in Your Life

with Kurt Johns, PhD, and Jeny Vidal

Tuesday Evenings, February 23rd to March 15th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Cost: $125

In our daily lives, the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are capable of, continually play in the backdrop of our mind, influencing our response to the world around us. But these stories are often implicit, taken-for-granted, or embedded so deeply in our minds and bodies that we don’t even realize they are there.

What if we could take a close look at our stories and see clearly how they influence our lives? Better yet, what if we could find easy practices to help us switch the script on those stories that aren’t helping us, and create stories that empower us to make positive changes in our lives and relationships? This four-week workshop does just that!

The Body, Mind and Story workshop draws on the practices of yoga and narrative therapy to help you notice, experience and understand the stories that most affect your life, and then to find, develop and embody your own stories that offer you hope, meaning and purpose.

kj-9Kurt Johns, PhD, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, with over 25 years of experience working with individuals and couples to help them move through complex challenges and toward their hopes and dreams. His practice is built on the unique, and somewhat radical tenets of Narrative Therapy, to help people move out from under the negative effects of oppressive stories, and identify alternative stories that provide them with the freedom and sense of purpose that they seek.

Jeny Vidal fell in love with yoga in 2004 when her first experience awakened a deep curiosity of the wisdom that imagethe body holds. Her personal practice has brought her ease of mind, patience and trust in the unknown, and has completely transformed her life. Jeny has been teaching yoga for over 4 years after completing her 200-hour training. She teaches classes for all levels of experience and believes anyone can practice yoga. Jeny often weaves together Hatha, Kundalini, and Amrit yoga techiniques with pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and mantra practices. Jeny believes that yoga provides a way to clear the fog so that you can see the underlying assumptions you have about yourself, the strength to question them, the clarity to listen, and the courage to follow through.

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Teen Pilates Series with Nathalia Gorosh

Fridays, March 4th to March 25th form 3:30pm to 4:30pm // $60/4-classes

Pilates for teens is an upbeat class focusing specifically on posture, alignment, core strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. The 321327_10150313364247436_135547034_nexercises taught will help teens gain awareness of their body, improve their movement function and strengthen and tone muscles, which will lead to greater self-esteem, enhance athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury when competing in sporting activities.

Nathalia is a PMA certified Polestar Pilates teacher as well as a certified yoga and Barre teacher. Her classes are rooted in teaching functional intelligent movement. She is passionate about educating every student who walks into her class.

Upbeat tunes, high energy and lots of props make this a blast of a class!

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping for Wellness  Series
with Susan James, BCC, LICSW

4-Week Series on Mondays, March 7th to 28th from 9:30am to 11:30am // Fee: $140

Empower yourself by adding the gift of meridian-based tapping to your health and wellness toolbox! Through this experiential class with others you can create significant, lasting change by rewiring your subconscious. Participants will develop greater self awareness and ways to effectively eliminate resistance and blockages that often hold us back from living the life we love.website_9028

EFT is a self-applied sequential tapping process to acupressure points which can help dissolve stress and limiting beliefs, clear negative emotions and disturbing memories, manage pain, weight loss, phobias, motion sickness, reduce anxiety/depression, procrastination, and physical ailments. The list of uses is almost infinite! It is a transformative tool which you can “pay forward” by teaching it to your family, friends, clients….anyone who is open to learning.

Susan James enjoys teaching, coaching, and empowering people with different modalities to enhance their wellness and reach their full potential. She is a Board Certified health and wellness coach, energy medicine practitioner, holistic EFT practitioner, and licensed clinical social worker with an active practice for individuals and groups on Bainbridge Island. To learn more about Susan and her services, please visit her at

The Practice of Vedic Chant with Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD 

Two Module Intensives:
March 18th-20th: Friday 3:00 – 7:00pm // Saturday & Sunday 9:00-5:00pm
October 14th-16th: Friday 3:00 – 7:00pm // Saturday & Sunday 9:00-5:00pm

This foundational program is for all those who wish to learn and begin practicing Vedic Chant. The approach to teaching is traditional through oral transmission, repetition, and with the aid of chant-texts, transliterations and English translations from the original Sanskrit.pat cook

Click here for more information on this program, including Pat Cook’s bio.

In this program, you will learn:

  • the origin and significance of the Veda’s in history and relevance today,
  • the rules and practice of Vedic chanting
  • English translations and discussion of the philosophical spiritual meaning of each mantra/chant,
  • the applications of chant for self-health.
  • experience chant as an important tool for meditation

Chanting is a powerful way to integrate body, voice, mind and our emotions. Chanting is said to develop mental discipline, focus and improve memory, listening and communication skills. Chanting regulates energy through the vestibular system and bone/air-conduction stimulation and increases breath capacity. The vibrations that are produced while chanting can enhance physical and mental health. Because chanting supports meditation by calming the mind, it can be effectively used in healing and yoga therapy and facilitate deeper connections to your spiritual life.

This program consists of two-3 day module intensives and three group Skype sessions between modules.

Click here for more information on this program, including Pat Cook’s bio