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Winter Solstice 108 Sun Salutations with Island Kirtan

Sunday, December 21st from 2:00pm to 4:00pm // Fee: Regular Class PricesFeaturedSun_heartless-550x326-1

It is starting to feel like winter here in the PNW! How do Yogis celebrate the changing of the season? 108 Sun Salutations and here at Dayaalu Center, we are lucky enough to be serenaded by Island Kirtan while we move through them!

You are encouraged to throw it all out on the mat so that you may make your way into winter lighter and brighter! If 108 sounds too intense for you, please know that some folks come to sit in meditation or move some and sit some – it’s okay! We honor you and your needs and would just love to share this time with you! Click here to sign up!

New Year’s Day Community Yoga with Jeny Rae and Jon Crane

Thursday, January 1st from 10:00am to 11:30am // Donations Only soundflow

Let’s start 2015 off right! This New Year’s morning roll out your mat alongside your friends and neighbors to joyously ground ourselves into the new year with grace, clear intention and resolve. Jeny leads an all levels flow while Jon Crane creates a beautiful sonic backdrop with drumming, singing bowls, and gong. Renew your spirit, move your body, soothe the mind – this class is open to all and offered by donation. Bring a friend! Click here to sign up!

New Year’s Day Workshop: Ignite and Intend for 2015 with Jenna MacDonald

Thursday, January 1st from 2:00pm to 3:30pm // Fee $15 (punch cards accepted)jenna

Initiate your year by cleansing through breath, warmth and asana to clear residual fear and hesitation from the body. This practice is offered in a detoxifying warm room (80 degrees) and open to yogis comfortable with a challenging practice. Includes a full yoga practice, a pinch of philosophy and a creative visualization to harness your best self and let go of the rest! Click here to register!

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Circle with Susan James, BCC, LICSW

Every first Saturday of the month beginning January 3rd from 3:00pm to 5:00pm // Fee: Donations Acceptedwebsite_9028

This tapping circle is for those who want to practice their tapping in community and be inspired to continue to use this valuable tool!  It is recommended that participants have some sort of EFT tapping experience as the class time will be spent tapping rather than on first time instruction.  We will dive right into the various tapping techniques that have been presented in Susan’s Tapping for Wellness series.  You will leave feeling centered, empowered, and more like your amazing self! Donations can be via punches on your punchcard, cash, or checks to Dayaalu. Click here to register!

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Series with Cezanne Allen

Free Intro on Tuesday, January 6th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Series: Tuesday evenings beginning January 13th to March 3rd from 6:30 to 9:00pm (first and last class end at 9:30pm) and Full Day Retreat on Saturday, February 21st from 11:00am to 5:00pm // Fee: $350

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction uses meditation, reflective inquiry, mindful yoga and movement as a means to cultivate your natural capacity for mindfulness.  Through your own cezanne-allenexperience, you learn how to take better care of yourself by understanding the interplay of body and mind.  Find greater balance, ease and peace of mind as you learn how to relate differently to life stressors.

Developed in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, there are now thousands of studies documenting the physical and mental benefits of mindfulness in general and MBSR in particular.  Guided instructions include sitting meditation, body scan meditation, yoga/mindful movement, walking meditation, eating meditation, mindful dialogue and more.

The class has no prerequisite.  It is open to anyone willing to commit to an intensive training in mindfulness by actively participating in eight 2.5 hour sessions, a full-day retreat, and daily home practice for 45 minutes/day. Ready to learn for yourself what the buzz about the benefits of mindfulness are all about? Check out the free introduction on Tuesday, January 6th from 6:3-pm to 7:30pm. Learn more, ask questions and find out for yourself if this class is right for you.  Click here to register!

Cezanne Allen, M.D. has maintained a dedicated meditation practice for the last 7 years, which has allowed more inner ease and self-compassion in her life. After a career in medicine, this mother of two is a physician professional development coach and co-chairs the Bainbridge Healthy Youth Initiative. Committed to sharing the life affirming benefits of mindfulness practice, she has completed intensive training in MBSR through the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine. Questions? Email:

Intro to Shamanic Journeying with Will Whitesmith

Friday, January 9th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm // Fee: $25willdrum5

Come and join Will Whitesmith for an evening of adventure and fun, exploring the three worlds of the Shaman’s universe. You will be introduced to the Shamanic Journey, learning how to access your own greater reality as your ancestors did before you, as well as learning how to support yourself and others in this process. The ancient art of the Shamanic Journey opens avenues of consciousness that are always available, yet seldom sought. Early registration is highly recommended, please click here to register.

Relax, Replenish and Restore: 4-Week Yin Yoga Series with Leah AdamsdayaaluCenterBainbridge

Wednesdays, January 14th through February 2nd from 1:00pm to 2:15pm // Fee: $60 or 4-punches off your punch card

Yin yoga provides a balance to the pace of modern living, restoring your natural energy. In this beautiful, meditative and mind-clearing practice poses are held for several minutes, which stimulates the deeper tissues: the fascia, ligaments, tendons and bones. The yin practice promotes strength and the mobility of Qi (vital energy) flow. It is Qi that brings healing, physical nourishment and emotional balance. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi flow supports whole-body health, immunity and vitality – just what you need to balance the ebbs and flows of life. Click here to pre-register!

Week One: Physical Body Learn how to increase joint pliancy and prevent injury. In yin yoga we will apply static, gentle pressure in long holds to build fluidity and elasticity throughout your connective tissues. To remain supple and mobile your joints require regular exploration through their natural range of motion.

Week Two: Energetic Body Our yin practice restores and balances Qi. Traditional Wisdom says optimal health requires a strong and mobile flow of energy (Qi) through our meridians (energetic pathways throughout the body, from the surface level all the way to the bones).

Week Three: Meditation: Enhance your mental resilience, improve productivity and unravel tension by practicing meditation. We’ll weave a variety of ancient techniques into our yin yoga practice to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system. These are tools you can take with you off the mat and into your daily life.

Week Four: Integrated Practice Combine all aspects of the yin practice, harnessing the physical, emotional and mental benefits into an integrated practice for whole health. Yin complements an active lifestyle with a breath-centered approach that encourages body-based wisdom and peace of mind.

Leah believes that every choice, every day, in every way, can add restored vitality and mind-body balance into our lives. She is an ongoing student of the Insight Yoga Institute and has taken 600 cumulative hours of yoga training courses, including Yin Yoga teacher trainings with her primary teacher Sarah Powers. Leah is also a passionate student of Ayurveda and is on track to be a NAMA approved Ayurvedic Counselor by Summer 2015. She incorporates this as well as meditation, Chinese medicine meridian theory, western science, and nature into her teaching, bringing her love of yoga and her ever-growing knowledge of it to share with others.

Finding Balance Through Winter with Leah Adams and  Stephen Brown

Saturday, January 17th from 2:00pm to 4:30pm // Fee: $35 in advance. $40 day of

Traditional wisdom has recognized since ancient times that our body, mind and spirit mirror the natural cycles of day and night, the tides, the phases of the moon and the seasons.  Health and vitality can be cultivated when we harmonize our lifestyle with the rhythms of nature and maintain a dynamic balance of energy. It is our own energy that brings healing, vitality and emotional balance. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALeah Adams

Join Yin Yoga teacher Leah Adams and acupuncturist Stephen Brown to discover potent practices that support balancing the dynamic flow of Chi energy within meridian pathways. Learn practical tools to harmonize with Water – the element of the winter season. Come restore your energy and balance the pace of modern living. This workshop is the first in a 5-part series designed to guide you in creating radiant health. Click here to sign up now!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping for Wellness  Series with Susan James, BCC, LICSW

Four  Mondays, February 2nd, 9th, 23rd and March 2nd from 9:30am to 11:30am *Please note, no class on 2/16* // Fee: $140website_9028

Empower yourself by adding the gift of meridian-based tapping to your health and wellness toolbox! Through this experiential class with others you can create significant, lasting change by rewiring your subconscious. Participants will develop greater self awareness and ways to effectively eliminate resistance and blockages that often hold us back from living the life we love.  EFT is a self-applied sequential tapping process to acupressure points which can help dissolve stress and limiting beliefs, clear negative emotions and disturbing memories, manage pain, weight loss, phobias, motion sickness, reduce anxiety/depression, procrastination, and physical ailments. The list of uses is almost infinite! It is a transformative tool which you can “pay forward” by teaching it to your family, friends, clients….anyone who is open to learning. Click here to register!

Susan James enjoys teaching, coaching, and empowering people with different modalities to enhance their wellness and reach their full potential. She is a Board Certified health and wellness coach, energy medicine practitioner, holistic EFT practitioner, and licensed clinical social worker with an active practice for individuals and groups on Bainbridge Island. To learn more about Susan and her services, please visit her at