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Lately I find myself going to Dayaalu for a lot more than a yoga class. Workshops, far infrared sauna, support from Collaborative Family Therapy, even takeout dinner. And there are classes for both my children, which meet each child’s needs perfectly taught with genuine love and phenomenal expertise. Every time we walk through the doors my heart swells with joy and possibility. — Julianne Cohen

Welcome to the Dayaalu Center

We are a community of students, teachers and healers on Bainbridge Island that foster transformation through body, mind and spirit. Dayaalu, pronounced dye-AWE-lu, means compassionate in Sanskrit. The Dayaalu Center gives us an opportunity to pause for AWE, illuminating the beauty of life and inspiring gratitude.  Our classes include yoga, qigong, feldenkrais, dance, pilates, music, intuitive arts, meditation, nutrition and more! Our integrated healing center includes mental healthcare, massage, reflexology, crainio-sacral work, reiki, acupuncture, sound healing, physical, occupational and speech therapy, shamanic healing, infrared sauna and ayurvedic care. We also offer tasty food that will nourish your body and soul. Our vision is to create and share experiences for all ages and abilities that will help us hear, see, smell, taste, touch and move in ways that cultivate AWE-filled moments, compassionate engagement with life and connections to self and others. Here we create, celebrate, heal, teach, learn and shine. Please join us!